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Moonchild necklace with Moonstone or Labradorite | perfect for layering your favorite necklaces and gemstones

Moonchild necklace with Moonstone or Labradorite | perfect for layering your favorite necklaces and gemstones

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Introducing our Crescent Moon Charm Necklace, a celestial masterpiece designed to embrace the energies of either enchanting Labradorite or ethereal Moonstone. Choose your preferred stone, necklace length (16”, 18”, or 20”), and finish for a personalized touch.

Labradorite Variant: Embark on a journey with Labradorite, a stone of transformation and mystical allure. Its iridescent flashes reflect the magic within, enhancing intuition and promoting spiritual growth. Adorn yourself with Labradorite for a touch of cosmic wisdom and protection.

Moonstone Variant: Embrace the gentle energies of Moonstone, a crystal linked to lunar forces and feminine energy. Known to enhance intuition and promote inner harmony, Moonstone is a talisman for new beginnings. Wear it for a sense of calmness and to connect with your inner rhythm.


  • Crescent Moon Charm for celestial elegance.
  • Choice of Labradorite or Moonstone.
  • Adjustable necklace length (16”, 18”, or 20”).
  • Choose your preferred finish for a personalized look.

Energy Benefits:

  • Labradorite: Enhances intuition, promotes spiritual transformation, and protects the aura.
  • Moonstone: Fosters emotional balance, intuition, and new beginnings.

Indulge in the cosmic allure of our Crescent Moon Charm Necklace, a symbolic companion on your journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Each piece is meticulously crafted to radiate positive energies and elevate your style with celestial grace. Choose the length and finish that resonates with your spirit, and let your jewelry tell a tale of cosmic elegance.

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