Meet the Artist

Think Unique was founded by Artist and mental health advocate, Lauren "Lo" Cornell. Lauren graduated from Indiana University School of Fine Arts in 2015 where she learned a variety of different artistic disciplines, with a focus in Photography, and Metalsmithing & Jewelry Design. It was here that she fell in love with the magic of metalwork, and it was also here that she began her healing journey.

After suffering a series of traumatic events, leaving her with c-PTSD, Lauren sought out holistic healing methods to heal not only her body, but her mind and spirit as well. During this journey, she was introduced to meditation, breath-work, aromatherapy, and manifestation. Many of these techniques involved using natural resources such as crystals, essential oil blends, Palo Santo wood, and herbal remedies to reach states of relaxation and clarity. After finding success and progress on her path to recovery, Lauren decided to combine her newfound knowledge with her love of metalsmithing, and create beautiful handmade jewelry pieces that utilize many of these healing materials to help others on their own healing journeys. 

The first pieces she made were diffuser jewelry, to wear with essential oil blends. She then began crafting silver jewelry with healing crystals, ensuring others had a way to connect to these beautiful natural resources on a daily, wearable basis. This began to grow, as more and more people found solace and healing within her work. She began to be featured in magazines, and in art shows around Chicago, where she grew up. The business grew, and so did her collection. She partnered with other local artists, such as Aimee Franzen of Mt Greenwood Oil Company, to create a line of curated essential oil blends and corresponding diffuser jewelry. 

Now, four years into her business, Lauren and Think Unique have been featured in Fox News San Francisco, FOX channel 5 D.C., XO Magazine, Chicago Scene Magazine, Scapi Radio podcast, San Diego Voyager Magazine, Chicago Sun Times, and more. Her journey and ability to overcome her past has inspired many, and continues to do so as she grows her business from her new home in San Diego, California.

Aside from crafting artisanal handmade jewelry, Lauren enjoys spending time with her ESA cat Brutus, exploring the natural beauty of Southern California, supporting the LGBTQIA+ community she identifies with, and cooking up a variety of nourishing foods for herself and others. 



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