Social & Environmental Impact

Think Unique was founded to make the world a better place. Through mental health advocacy, ethical sourcing, conscious craftsmanship, and spiritually charged goods; every purchase contributes to a better, happier world.

Mental Health Advocacy

Experiencing a variety of mental health conditions herself, founder Lauren "Lo" Cornell makes a point to bring light and awareness to the struggles these conditions can cause, and simple tips and strategies to help overcome some of the struggle and make life more enjoyable. She does this through information sharing, content creation, and donations from her sales. Every September, Lo donates 10% of her profits to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. 

In addition to this awareness, she has created a line of aromatherapy goods and tools that helped her on her own healing journey, and now is able to share them with the world. Wether it's a Palo Santo bundle, an oil blend, or a piece of diffuser jewelry, she aims to help others experience the powers of aromatherapy and spiritual wellness. 

Ethical Sourcing

Many of the product from Think Unique include a spiritual wood from the Palo Santo plant. Every piece of Palo Santo we interact with is Certified Ethical Origin and contributes to the betterment of Indigenous and local communities in South America. 

Learn more about the sourcing practices and social impact this plant is having --> Certified Ethical Origin; What does it mean?

Conscious Craftsmanship

When you make a purchase from Think Unique, you're supporting more than one small business; you're supporting an entire network of small businesses. While the majority of products are crafted by founder and artist, Lauren "Lo" Cornell, we also host a variety of limited edition collections made in collaboration with other artisans. Additionally, when a material doesn't come straight from the source, it comes to us through a small business. These businesses are carefully vetted and aim to support women, BIPOC, and LGBTQIA+ makers and entrepreneurs. 

In addition to supporting small businesses, Lo also uses recycled Silver in many of her designs. All of Think Unique's promotional materials are printed on post-consumer recycled paper, with environmentally friendly inks. 


Think Unique is a brand you can feel good about. 

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