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Certified Ethical Origin Palo Santo- What does it mean?

Decoding Certified Ethical Origin: A Journey to Mindful Palo Santo Practices

If you've ever explored my website or perused my Palo Santo products, you've likely encountered the label "Certified Ethical Origin." But what does this really mean? Is it akin to organic or fair trade? Is it gluten free? (probably not that last one lol).

Allow me to demystify this label and unveil the incredible techniques and impact behind this remarkable plant, straight from its source.

Before we dive into the enlightening world of Certified Ethical Origin, let's first understand the ritual you're about to embark on. Here's a helpful guide on how to make the most of your new bundle.

The Sacred Promise: Never Harvest Living Trees

One fundamental principle governs our Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens) products: never cut down living trees. Nature is a sacred resource, and our commitment to the conscious and ethical harvesting of these plants is pivotal for their longevity and positive impact. Mindful gathering involves using fallen Palo Santo wood, a sustainable practice that respects the lifecycle of these trees. Trees that die naturally and fall to the forest floor undergo a transformative process, refining their rich oils over time, resulting in the enchanting aromas we cherish. Cutting down live trees disrupts this natural process, depriving us of the precious oils and harming the plant and its ecosystem.

Conservation Through Ethical Sourcing

Following this strict guideline not only upholds ethical harvesting but also supports the conservation of existing dry forestlands. Our practices contribute to the awareness and preservation efforts of these vital ecosystems. Working directly at the source in South America, we conduct independent third-party audits to ensure ethical sourcing and humane labor practices within our supply chain.

Empowering Local Communities

Our commitment extends to working with Ecuadorian and Peruvian families, the custodians of the Palo Santo dry forest. Together, we bridge the gap from native production partners to the global community. Official certifications, both governmental and private, complement our dedication to operating within the guidelines of MAGAP (Ecuador) and SERFOR (Peru).

Regenerative Harvest Models

In the niche world of Bursera graveolens, our commitment goes beyond conventions. We implement regenerative harvest models, planting over 50,000 Palo Santo seedlings in the last decade alone. This ongoing effort ensures the biodiversity of the dry forest, protecting trees from illegal poaching and human-induced environmental degradation.

Certified Ethical Origin: A Holistic Approach

In essence, Certified Ethical Origin is a fusion of fair trade, environmental consciousness, and forward-thinking practices. By actively participating in socially responsible, positive-impact business, we play a role in conserving Earth's natural habitats for future generations.

So, as you embark on your Palo Santo journey, infused with the essence of Certified Ethical Origin, revel in the knowledge of the positive impact your choices make on our planet and its precious resources.

Ready to make a mindful choice? Adopt your new bundle here.

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