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Affirmation series | I deserve happiness & love- amethyst affirmation necklace

Affirmation series | I deserve happiness & love- amethyst affirmation necklace

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Introducing Our "I deserve happiness & love" Affirmation Series Necklace

Elevate your spirit and express your inner positivity with our "I Attract Peace & Joy" Affirmation Series Necklace. This stunning piece of jewelry features a mesmerizing amethyst stone set within a sterling silver bezel, creating a beautiful focal point. Surrounding the stone, you'll find a hand-stamped affirmation that reads, "I deserve happiness & love," serving as a daily reminder of the positivity you wish to manifest in your life.


  1. Genuine Amethyst Stone: The centerpiece of this necklace is a genuine amethyst stone. Known for its calming energy and harmonizing qualities, amethyst encourages positivity and inner peace.

  2. Hand-Stamped Affirmation: The heartfelt affirmation "I deserve happiness & love is meticulously hand-stamped onto the sterling silver bezel. This personal touch adds a unique and meaningful element to the necklace.

  3. Sterling Silver Elegance: The necklace bezel is made from 925 sterling silver, which not only enhances its beauty but also ensures long-lasting durability.

  4. Positive Intentions: Wearing this necklace is a beautiful way to set your intentions and manifest peace and joy in your life. The positive energy of the amethyst stone amplifies your affirmations

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