Last weekend + general update!

Last weekend + general update!

Hi friends!
I am glowing from this past weekend and wanted to give y'all a little update on things happening here at Think Unique, as well as some exciting things to look forward to in the coming months!
First off- I just got back from a two day event in Anaheim! I vended at the OC Dreamers Market for Brewery X's Oktoberfest anniversary event! (try saying that five times fast 😉 ).
It was so much fun- there were live bands, lots of incredible vendors, and such wonderful humans to connect with.
I'm going to shoutout some of my favorite fellow vendors at the bottom of this post, so be sure to read until the end to find your new favorite small businesses!
Lauren Lo Cornell, the artist and founder of Think Unique, sitting behind her display table filled with jewelry, essential oils, smudge bundles, crystals, and more. All displayed on a white airy backdrop with blue accents
As you might be able to see from this booth shot, there are some NEW products I've been testing that have received some amazing feedback, and I can't wait to share them with all of you.
Some new items to look forward to:
✨Fragrance potions✨
A unique and energized perfume handcrafted from essential oils, crystals, and dried florals all working towards the same intention- Allure, Clarity, Imagine, and Tame
These have been flying off the shelves (or tables, let's be real) and I know you're going to love them as much as my new SoCal clients!
Here's a preview of the beauties to come-
Beautiful glass bottles of fragrance or natural perfumes, filled with florals, crystals, and a clear liquid, each has a label with the intention and benefits
In addition to these gorgeous, intention filled perfumes, there will also be a new line of environmentally friendly coconut shell candles, new Versitowel dyes, and of course new jewelry!
I am filled with excitement to share these new additions to our line of lifestyle goods.
Each of these items are things that have helped me on my own personal healing journey- aromatherapy, self care rituals, yoga practice, beach visits, and dressing for myself and confidence each day.
I look forward to my Unique community receiving the same benefits on your own healing paths- it's why I do what I do.
I'm off to the studio to make more jewelry..
With love & gratitude,
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Whoop whoop! Go, Lo, Go! All these new offerings look amazing. Glad your SoCal family of clients is expanding as well. You deserve all the success!

Nolan Rains

More please!
Love seeing you in your element!


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